19 Jun 2011

BROTHER FISHER GETS HEALED -[A Divine Healing Testimony from Malawi]

It was a market day and Brother Fisher wanted to buy some merchandise. He bade farewell to his wife and started off using his crutches. Days had passed since Brother Overton Makuta pronounced him healed but he continued using the crutches. After buying the merchandise he returned home. Upon seeing him Mrs Fisher cried out “Where have you left the crutches, Dear?”

Brother Fisher was surprised to hear that. He looked around with a puzzled look on his face. His wife didn’t know what was happening to his beloved husband. But one thing that made the game even more puzzling was that he was walking normally. It now dawned on him that he had left the crutches at the market. He had been buying something and had the need to use both hands. So he lay the crutches down and forgot to take them up again when done.

“Go back and get them”, exclaimed his wife.

“Why should I when I can now walk upright and normal”?

That was the healing of Brother Fisher. When Brothers  Nelson Gomera and Kazembe went to visit Kaphiridzanje they found Brother Fisher completely healed and it was him who acted as a guide and main host during the entire period these missionaries stayed in Mozambique. However the lady who had refused prayer by Brother Overton Makuta had passed away.

As Pastor Dixon Kandoje had already warned life in that part of Mozambique was not rosy. When they (Brothers Gomera and Kazembe) arrived at Kaphiridzanje it was already dark. They had just disembarked from a South African bound truck. They found that their hosts were spending the nights outside the house because of high temperatures. Even though these Malawian missionaries or pastors as they were commonly called were allowed to sleep inside the house they preferred to be like the hosts. Why should they be any different? It was quite a wonderful  experience.

They travelled length and breadth of Kaphiridzanje area preaching the Gospel. On some occasions they walked 4 hours through thick forests. Before entering the forest the host had to ask the team to stop and pray for protection as the entire distance had no houses except for a cluster of 10 mud houses somewhere along the way.

Brother Gomera tells of how fearful an experience they had when a hyena caught and dragged away a goat from a khola nearby and yet these people were sleeping In an open space. God protected them. They came back after winning many souls to Christ and the church grew in numbers. They were scheduled to go back after a month or so.

May God bless you

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